Washable masks

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    Nanosilber antimicrobial face mask

    In everyday life, it is mandatory to wear a mouth-nose mask in many places due to the Corona pandemic. Some variants are perceived by their users […]

Washable Masks – Sustainable and Reusable

The coronavirus pandemic has seen face masks become part of everyday life. While some opt for surgical masks, face shields or FFP-standard masks, others rely on washable masks. Also known as community masks or DIY masks, these kinds of face masks should only be worn for personal use. They are not suitable in professional settings requiring specific PPE. They serve no medical purpose, but help protect others by preventing the spread of aerosols and droplets.

Washable masks are not medical products, nor are they classed as personal protective equipment. Masks should ideally be made of tightly woven fabric. This is the most effective way to prevent saliva and droplets from contaminating the area around the wearer. Compared to disposable masks, washable masks can be reused, reducing waste.

What to look out for

To be most effective, washable masks should fit as snugly as possible around the face. The less air that can escape through the sides, the better. Proper handling is also important when using community masks in order to effectively help slow the rate of infection.

Masks should only be put on with clean hands and should cover the nose and mouth completely. Once washable masks have become damp from respiratory air, they should be changed out for a fresh one. Wash masks at at least 60 degrees Celsius. Ideally, they should be washed on a hot cycle at 95 degrees Celsius or hotter.

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