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    Safety First is a ready-to-use, alcohol-based liquid hand and skin disinfectant. Manufactured according to a proven WHO formulation, it offers reliable protection against bacteria and numerous […]

Hand Sanitiser for GP Practices, Care Settings, Industry and Trade

Because pathogens can also be spread by our hands, medical settings are not the only place hand sanitiser is important. Hand sanitiser is used wherever there are rules for hygiene, such as in care homes, tattoo and cosmetic studios, restaurants, the food industry or nurseries.

Disinfectant liquids and gels

Liquid hand sanitiser is incredibly effective because it coats the entire skin. It also has antiviral properties. Depending on the application, liquid hand sanitiser may be a good option. Gel hand sanitisers come with the benefit of drip-free application. However, it is often somewhat less effective than liquid hand sanitisers and is not usually antiviral.

Users with sensitive skin or who need to frequently disinfect their hands should opt for a hand sanitiser with no dyes or additives. They should also avoid scented products. Ideally, the product will have a moisturising effect that is easy on the skin and protects against dry hands.

The German Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH) tests disinfectants and list those that have received certification. This is particularly important for the medical field. When decontamination is required pursuant to Section 18 of the German Infection Protection Act, only those disinfectants and procedures listed by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) may be used.

Certified hand sanitiser in the PSA-Partner product range

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