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    Disease-causing agents such as viruses or bacteria can sometimes survive for days or weeks on surfaces and objects. To prevent them from spreading, regular surface disinfection […]

Surface Disinfectant for Various Surfaces and Germs

Surface disinfection is a crucial aspect of any comprehensive hygiene plan. Both work surfaces and any other points of contact like handles and buttons as well as personal protective equipment should be disinfected.

Choose the right product for different surfaces and contaminants

When choosing a disinfectant, it is important to consider the type of germs present in the workplace. This will determine whether you need an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal or combined product. With highly infectious, hazardous or highly resistant germs, choosing the right disinfectant is absolutely crucial.

In general, wiping is preferable to spraying with surface disinfection. This avoids the formation of aerosols that may damage health and irritate the airways. A spray should only be used in places that otherwise could not be reached. If you’re looking for a particularly economical option, you may consider using a concentrate that you dilute yourself.

In addition to the type of germ, you should also consider the material that needs to be disinfected. Depending on the surface, disinfectants containing alcohol may not be suitable. For example, this is the case with acrylic and plexiglass, synthetic leather, aluminium and many types of coating, varnish and plastics. If you are not sure about whether a new disinfectant will be tolerated by a specific material, we recommend first testing the product in an inconspicuous place. We also offer products to suit specific needs, including scented disinfectants, products that are particularly easy on the skin with no aldehydes for high-contact surfaces.

Certified disinfectants from our PPE range

Our wholesale range offers high-quality, certified products, all of which are delivered with instructions for use. Many of the surface disinfectants we stock are made in Germany. Our range is always available so we never have to contend with supply bottlenecks or delays. Please note that minimum order quantities apply.

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