Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl Gloves for Use in Hospitals, Care Homes and More

Every vinyl glove stocked in our product range is certified, which means they are suitable for use in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and care homes. Their smooth surface makes them particularly popular among those working with patients in care and healthcare settings. Because these protective gloves are latex-free, they are also suitable for use by those with latex allergies. Vinyl gloves protect against viruses and bacteria and can even withstand certain acids.

In the food processing industry, vinyl gloves should only be used if no fatty or oily foods are being handled. On contact with oils and fats, the material releases plasticisers, which can get into food. Protective gloves are suitable for work that does not involve chemicals in hair salon and cosmetic studio applications. For example, the material should not come into contact with hair dye.

Certified vinyl gloves for personal protective equipment

All of the vinyl gloves we stock are certified, and some are even made in Germany. When you order with us, you are opting for top quality. We make sure we are always stocked with enough material, priced attractively, so you never have to contend with long wait times.

Choose between powdered and non-powdered vinyl gloves. Please note that only unpowdered gloves are permitted for use in the food processing industry. Our protective gloves are impressively comfortable and hard-wearing. Among the different kinds of single-use gloves we offer, their cost effectiveness makes vinyl gloves the clear favourite.

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