Face masks for adults

Masks for Adults: Infection Prevention in the Professional and Private Sphere

Each time we talk, cough or sneeze, tiny particles are released into the air that may contain pathogens. A medical-grade face mask reduces the risk of infection through exposure to droplets or aerosols and is particularly important in the health and care sectors to protect patients and those in need of care. To a limited extent, disposable masks can also protect staff themselves by intercepting infectious aerosolised bodily fluids. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, experts have been recommending that people wear face masks, even in the private sphere, to help stop the spread of the virus.

Face masks as a medical product: types of masks and their features

Medical-grade face masks for adults must meet the requirements of the EN 14683 European standard, based on the EU regulation on medical products. Among other things, this standard defines the different types of masks and filtering capacities. When purchasing face masks, be sure to look out for the manufacturer’s label: type I face masks filter at least 95% of bacteria and are primarily suited to personal use. Medical applications require type II or IIR face masks, which have a filtration capacity of at least 98%. Type IIR also protects against liquid splashes. Please note that disposable masks do not provide sufficient protection against aerosols in the air we breathe. As such, when treating infectious patients, an FFP mask is required as personal protective equipment (PPE).

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