Protective visors

Protective Visors: Comfortable Face Shields

Visors protect against viruses, contaminants and droplets without impeding the wearer’s vision or freedom of movement. This makes protective visors a great addition to personal protective equipment. We stock certified protective visors suitable for use in measures to protect against the coronavirus, for use in trade professions and for use in medical and care settings. Order high-quality, affordable face shields and other PPE products from our shop.

Protection against splatter, dirt and droplets

Protective visors have received a growing amount of public attention since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The greatest advantage of using a protective visor is that they offer wearers good freedom of movement and facilitate the free circulation of air. Face shields are also ideal for those who wear glasses. In directly customer-facing roles, protective visors come with the added benefit of allowing people to clearly see your face.

Protective visors are primarily used to protect against droplets and infection. In addition, they can be used in trade and cleaning professions to protect against hazardous substances. To a certain extent, protective visors may replace face masks and protective eyewear.

However, it is important to know that face shields do not offer the same level of protection against the spread of droplets that correctly used face masks do. Visors primarily protect the wearer. This means that, when used alone without other PPE, protective visors are not currently advised for medical and care settings. In these settings, they are primarily used as additional protection to supplement face masks.

Buy affordable PPE online

PSA-Partner offers certified protective visors in different designs, all at affordable prices, conveniently available for purchase online. Face shields can be adjust for any face shape and are usually reusable. Most protective visors are suitable for cleaning activities using typical disinfectants.

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