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    Category III coverall for use in laboratories and hospitals In particularly sensitive medical areas or safety-intensive laboratory environments, coveralls help prevent infection or contamination with hazardous […]

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Boiler Suits for Seamless, All-Round Protection

Boiler suits offer reliable, complete protection, making them particularly well-suited to industries with strict hygiene requirements. Full-body protective boiler suits are used in medical facilities and food processing to protect against germs, dirt and textile fibres. Other applications include painting and decontamination work, building restoration, asbestos removal and any other activities with a high risk of contamination.

PSA-Partner offers boiler suits in a range of sizes and materials. You can rely on us to supply you with certified boiler suits to meet your personal protective equipment needs in high-risk settings. All our products are always in stock, and many are made in Germany.

Optimum protection against germs, dirt and chemicals

Our product range features a number of different protective clothing solutions optimised for different applications. Boiler suits offer an impressively high level of protection because they not only cover the front of the body, but also provide seamless head-to-toe protection. This makes them ideal as protective clothing in settings with a high risk of infection or contamination.

Disposable boiler suits feature a closure at the back and elastic cuffs at the wrists and ankles. This ensures the boiler suit forms a good protective seal without restricting the wearer’s movement. For maximum protection, disposable boiler suits should be used in combination with gloves and face masks. Many disposable boiler suits come with hoods. Depending on the kind of protection needed, hoodless models with a collar may be a better option.

Boiler suits are usually made of breathable, non-woven polypropylene material. Where repelling moisture is an issue, boiler suits with an integrated meltblown layer are ideal. These kinds of disposable boiler suits provide an excellent barrier while remaining breathable.

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