Coated Disposable Gowns

  • Beschichteter-Schutzkittel DIN EN 14126

    Coated protective gown DIN EN 14126

    Properties With coating on the complete surface of the gown Certified PPE of cat. III according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Applied standard: EN ISO 14126/03 + […]

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Coated Disposable Gowns: Optimal Protection Against Dirt and Liquids

Coated disposable gowns are designed for use in any setting where it is important to prevent contact with hazardous or infectious substances. These moisture-repellent protective gowns also reliably keep liquids away from skin and clothing.

Our product range features coated disposable gowns for use in clinics, GP practices and care settings, the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and other settings.

Single-use gown with moisture-repellent coating

Disposable gowns are primarily made of breathable, non-woven polypropylene material. While this material makes the gown more comfortable to wear, it can let liquids through and is therefore not suitable for every application. If you require protection against liquids and moisture, you should use a waterproof disposable gown. These models feature a polyethylene coating to form an effective barrier against liquids and splashes.

Depending on their intended use, we offer coated disposable gowns in different material strengths. For lighter work or when visitors need to wear gowns, thin protective gowns are usually sufficient. Thicker disposable gowns are more durable, making them more effective in providing protection in high-risk areas.

Certified protective gowns for medical use

Coated disposable gowns must be certified as a medical product for use in the medical field. Additional requirements may apply depending on the application, such as for surgical garments. As such, our product range features protective gowns certified under DIN EN 14126 or DIN EN 13795.

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