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    CPE protective gown DIN EN 14126

    Disposable protective gown made of CPE in XL To sustainably protect clothing from soiling or contamination, it is recommended to wear a disposable protective gown made […]

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Disposable protective gowns made of CPE

disposable protective gowns are usually made of thin non-woven plastic material such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). Chlorinated polyethylene, or CPE for short, is a thermoplastic that is characterized by enormous durability. Unlike polypropylene (PP), for example, CPE is absolutely liquid-tight and thus also offers protection against chemical splashes, infectious body fluids as well as blood. The material is very tear and puncture resistant, yet wears pleasantly light and does not restrict freedom of movement. Just like the starting material polyethylene, CPE also contains no latex proteins and is therefore harmless to allergy sufferers.

Advantages and areas of application

Disposable protective gowns made of CPE completely cover the front of the body and arms, thus offering the wearer a great deal of protection. They are useful in a variety of work environments: In medical and nursing facilities, they prevent the spread of pathogens, protecting the health of staff, patients and visitors. In areas such as food processing, manufacturing or pharmaceuticals, lint-free disposable protective clothing helps ensure the necessary standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Buy certified quality protective gowns online

Disposable protective gowns serve as personal protective equipment (PPE) and must therefore meet the criteria of the PPE Regulation 2016/425 of the EU. In the medical field, the requirements are defined in detail by the European standard DIN EN 14126. This requires various material tests: among other things, resistance to germ penetration is tested in dry and moist conditions. In addition, the material must be impermeable to blood and liquid aerosols.

The disposable protective gowns made of CPE available from us are, without exception, manufactured and certified in accordance with the legal standards. Thanks to our international contacts with various manufacturers, we can also meet a large-quantity demand at any time!