Disposable aprons

Disposable Aprons for Medical Facilities and the Food Industry

Disposable aprons offer effective protection against clothing and food contamination. These practical, single-use products are handy and eliminate the need for extensive cleaning or treatment after use.

Our range features disposable aprons for medical facilities, the food industry and many other applications. When you buy disposable aprons from PSA-Partner, you get top-quality products for use in professional settings.

Disposable aprons – versatile protective clothing

As part of personal protective equipment, disposable aprons provide good freedom of movement while still offering reliable protection against contamination. Disposable aprons are sleeveless and only cover the front of the body. The aprons can be tied at the back during use.

Easy to use and dispose of

Being handy and easy to use is absolutely essential when using disposable clothing. You should touch the protective clothing as little as possible when donning and doffing it to ensure safety and hygiene at all times. As such, disposable aprons come blocked, in a role or in a practical dispenser box. This means aprons are at hand at all times and are just as easy to dispose of after use.

If you use disposable aprons for different applications, we recommend using different colour aprons. This helps prevent cross-contamination between multiple areas.

Buy affordable personal protective equipment online

PSA-Partner is your go-to wholesaler for professional-quality protective clothing and personal protective equipment. When you shop with us, you get PPE products at a fair price, and many of our products are made in Germany. Benefit from our attractive shipping options for large quantities and order your protective clothing conveniently and securely online.

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