Uncoated disposable gowns

  • Unbeschichteter-Schutzkittel DIN EN 14126

    Uncoated protective gown DIN EN 14126

    Properties Material: SMS fabric-like, closure: polyester, arm cuff: fabric cuff SMS (polypropylene, meltblown, polypropylene) Very breathable, water repellent, sterilizable comfortable to wear due to soft special […]

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Uncoated Disposable Gowns – Light, Breathable, Comfortable

Uncoated disposable gowns protect clothing from being soiled while maintaining comfort for the wearer. They are usually breathable, which is particularly useful when they need to be worn for long periods of time.

PSA-Partner offers uncoated disposable gowns in various protection levels and designs. Many of our products are made in Germany and are sourced directly from the manufacturer, which means we can offer you a high level of quality at attractive prices.

Uncoated disposable gowns to protect against contaminants

Disposable gowns are considered indispensable basic equipment in many industries. In medicine and the food industry in particular, they offer effective protection against dirt and contaminants. They are also used in labs, production facilities and other settings with strict hygiene measures in place.

Uncoated disposable gowns are usually made of non-woven, polypropylene fabric, a breathable fabric with outstanding properties. Protective gowns feature long sleeves and, depending on the length chosen, cover the entire front side of the body as well as a majority of the back.

Should disposable gowns be coated or uncoated?

Uncoated disposable gowns offer effective protection against dirt and textile fibres, but are not waterproof. If the planned application involves a risk of fluid contamination or splashing, a coated disposable gown should be used as personal protective equipment. We also stock certified coated gowns in our online shop.

The major advantage of uncoated disposable gowns is that they are breathable. This means they are ideal for visitors or when gowns need to be worn for extended periods of time in settings where there is no risk of the gown getting wet.

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