FFP2 Masks

FFP2 Masks: Effective Protection Against Environmental Contaminants

Unlike face masks that only protect others from infection, protective masks also protect the wearer. Depending on the FFP standard, protective masks prevent the spread of certain viruses by the wearer and prevent the wearer from becoming infected. FFP2 masks are medical-grade masks and are used in various professional settings such as plant nurseries, the pharmaceutical industry, the metalworking industry, trade professions, emergency services and the fire brigade.

The protective features of FFP2 masks

FFP2-class protective masks protect the wearer and the wearer’s direct surroundings from infection by viruses categorised under risk group 2. This includes the flu virus, numerous strains of norovirus and various strains of human herpesvirus. In addition, FFP2 masks prevent the wearer from inhaling non-fibrogenic dust or fibrogenic particles. They also prevent aerosols from being inhaled or distributed into the air around the wearer.

FFP2 masks are part of personal protective equipment in places like hospitals, care homes and construction sites. Employers must carefully review in advance whether these kinds of masks are suitable for the specific workplace environment. This should be done on the basis of risk assessments. These determine the type of risk to employees, how they could possibly be endangered and how long the potential hazard will last.

Certified PPF2 masks from PSA-Partner

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