FFP3 Masks

FFP3 Masks – Maximum Respiratory Protection

FFP-certified masks not only protect others, they also protect the wearer. Among FFP-certified masks, FFP3 masks represent the highest standard. They provide 99 percent protection against aerosolised viruses and bacteria and protect against hazardous and carcinogenic particulate matter. FFP2 masks offer 94 percent protection, while FFP1 masks offer 80 percent. Just like other FFP-standard masks, FFP3 masks are made with multi-layer non-woven fabric and feature folded edges and an adjustable nose clip to ensure proper fit.

Particularly for employees working in laboratories, on intensive care wards or other areas with a high risk of infection, respirator face masks are the most important part of their PPE. In addition, FFP3 masks also help to significantly protect those working in construction and in processing chemicals and metals from particulate matter and aerosols that could damage their health.

Certified FFP3 masks in your PPE partner’s product range

FFP3 masks are made by combining different non-woven fabrics in three layers. This provides for many of the mask’s features, including filtering, ease of use and stability. The lowest possible breathing resistance ensures comfort. An exhalation valve can also be built in to the mask (optional). Whether it makes sense to add an exhalation valve depends on whether the mask is intended solely for self-protection, as in the chemical industry, or to protect others as well, as in hospitals. Ensuring our products are of the highest quality is of the utmost importance to us. All our masks are certified and are largely made in Germany, ensuring more efficient delivery routes.

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