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As an internationally networked wholesale company, we support them in the procurement of personal protective equipment and medical devices. We supply bulk quantities to hospitals, care facilities, government agencies, pharmacies and physicians, as well as all companies and entities that depend on a constant supply of PPE products. In this regard, we can offer you very advantageous conditions: Our products are fairly priced, as we usually purchase them directly from the manufacturer. They comply with all required national and international standards and are delivered in their original packaging. To avoid possible bottlenecks, we are networked with various manufacturers worldwide. This enables us to guarantee you permanent availability of our goods in consistently high quality. Numerous products in our assortment are made in Germany.

Wide range of certified PPE products

PSA-partner offers you an extensive selection of personal protective equipment and hygiene products. In addition to breathing masks of protection classes FFP2 and FFP3, we carry disposable medical mouth masks for adults and children. Depending on the professional environment, these products can also be supplemented with face protection. Or do you need special protective clothing for medical and nursing staff such as overalls, protective gowns or disposable aprons? Here, too, you will find what you are looking for. The most frequently requested products also include disinfectants and disposable gloves made of nitrile, latex or vinyl. In addition, we offer facilities a selection of tested Covid-19 rapid tests.

What we attach great importance to: Personal protective equipment and medical products are available from us exclusively in certified, tested quality. The goods comply with all current DIN, EU and FDA standards and are thus approved for distribution on a national or international level. There can be no compromise when it comes to health protection!

Contact our manufacturers and importers directly

To be able to purchase nitrile gloves, protective gowns or any other products directly in bulk from manufacturing factories and importers, thus giving you access to our international network, it is necessary to provide our affiliated partners such as manufacturers or production plants with your requirements in the form of a so-called LOI`s (Letter of Intent).

To do so, simply use our prepared forms, where you can compile your specific requests with a few clicks.

After submitting the form, we will ask you to create a customer account, in which you will then find your finished LOI in the document center as a PDF file for download - it couldn't be easier!

We will then immediately forward your requests to our partners, who will then promptly respond to you through us with specific offers.

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Rapid, reliable import of large quantities

The need for protective clothing and hygiene products has increased dramatically once again during the Corona crisis. To protect employees from health risks, clinics, doctors' offices, pharmacies and many other businesses depend on a constant and reliable supply. We at PSA-Partner maintain international contacts with several manufacturers and are thus able to supply you permanently with the goods you need. As a wholesaler, we ensure a smooth import of the products, usually directly from the factory. Orders can be placed flexibly by ship or airplane. Thus, even large quantities arrive quickly, reliably and in the desired quality with you. You need PPE products at locations outside Germany? That's no problem either, because our wholesale supplies you worldwide.

Fair, transparent contract and payment terms

As a wholesaler, we attach particular importance to legal certainty and fair contract terms. Our sales contracts are therefore handled in accordance with the Incoterms (such as EXW, FOB, CIF, CIP and DDP) that are standard in international trade. These standardized conditions for import transactions ensure a smooth process and provide confidence between all contracting parties, especially in wholesale trade. Among other things, they regulate who pays for the logistics costs and bears any risks during transport. For the payment of goods, we offer you internationally established, secure solutions with L/C or Escrow. In this way, you do not take any unnecessary risks even when purchasing large quantities. If required, we will of course provide you with the necessary test reports and certificates (such as TÜV report or SGS report) prior to purchase.

Our range at a glance

Wholesale for disposable gloves made of nitrile, latex or vinyl

Whether in healthcare, laboratories, food processing or industry, disposable gloves ensure compliance with the necessary hygiene standards and thus protect the health of employees, patients and customers. At PSA-partner you have the opportunity to purchase disposable gloves wholesale at fair prices, because our products usually come directly from the manufacturer. The disposable gloves have the required certificates according to DIN EN 420, DIN EN 455 or DIN EN 374 and are thus approved as personal protective equipment or as medical products on the German and international market. We will, of course, provide you with the relevant certificates prior to purchase. You need products that are suitable for allergy sufferers and do not cause skin irritation even in continuous use? No problem, our range also includes numerous latex- and powder-free products. In addition, as a wholesale company, we carry food-safe nitrile gloves for catering and food processing companies.

Wholesale certified respirators

Pollutants or pathogens in the air we breathe are among the most common health risks workers face in the workplace. During the Corona crisis, respiratory masks became a scarce commodity in many cases, even in the wholesale sector, and it became clear how important short and reliable supply chains are. Through our good contacts with various manufacturers, we are able to supply you permanently with respirators of protection classes FFP2 and FFP3 (with or without exhalation valve). The goods are certified according to DIN EN 149 and thus approved as personal protective equipment. They bear the CE mark and are delivered in their original packaging with enclosed operating instructions to any location (Germany or worldwide).

Medical mouth masks for infection prevention

Special respirators are not usually needed to ensure basic hygiene. For this purpose, disposable mouth masks (surgical mouth guards) are also suitable, which are more comfortable to wear and are also more cost-effective. Our range includes medical mouth masks for adults and children, which are approved as medical devices in accordance with the European Union's Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC) and meet the criteria of European Standard EN 14683. For use in healthcare and nursing facilities, we carry type II and IIR mouth masks, which have a filtering performance of at least 98 percent. You can purchase these from us at low cost in large quantities. Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, disposable mouth masks have also been increasingly used in the retail and service sectors. As a wholesaler, we have contacts with various manufacturers and can therefore also cover increased demand at any time. Ensure yourself a sufficient stock by buying in wholesale and benefit from prices in line with the market!

Face protection for more safety at work

Protective visors are an important part of personal protective equipment in many professions to prevent possible facial injuries. Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, hospitality, retail and service businesses are also increasingly turning to face visors (face shields) to further protect their employees from infection. If you reliably need larger quantities, PSA-partner is the right place for you: we usually purchase our products directly from the manufacturer and can also deliver large quantities promptly. The products in our range are certified according to DIN EN 166 and therefore meet the standards for personal eye protection prescribed at EU level.

Protective gowns, coveralls, hoods & Co

In healthcare and care facilities, suitable protective clothing is essential to protect staff and patients from infection. Especially in times of the Corona pandemic, these products must be permanently available in sufficient quantities, which often poses great challenges for the logistics of healthcare facilities. At PSA-partner you can be sure to receive even large quantities reliably in a short time. Therefore, procure the required protective clothing cheaply in wholesale and benefit from our good contacts to various manufacturers. In addition to protective gowns and aprons with or without coating, we supply you with coveralls that ensure maximum safety for staff when dealing with highly infectious patients. All products meet the requirements of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and are certified according to DIN EN 14126 or DIN EN 13795.

Disinfectants for medicine, care and industry

Disinfectants have their fixed place everywhere where high hygiene standards must be permanently maintained. Healthcare and nursing facilities regularly require large quantities of hand and surface disinfectants and therefore depend on reliable wholesale partners. Since the start of the Corona pandemic, hygiene has also become more important in many other sectors. For example, the need for disinfectants has increased significantly in retail, government, and schools and daycare centers. Buying larger quantities at retail puts a strain on budgets and creates uncertainty because the products needed are often not permanently available. Buying wholesale is usually more convenient and guarantees you fair, market-driven prices. In our store, you can obtain tried-and-tested hand and surface disinfectants as well as disinfectant wipes in various packaging sizes according to your needs. A large part of the products is made in Germany and has been verified by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as well as the Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH). In addition to disinfectants, we are also happy to supply you with the necessary accessories, such as disinfectant dispensers.

Wholesale Covid-19 Rapid Tests

Rapid tests for detecting SARS-CoV-19 infection are a true innovation and have brought noticeable relief to many institutions. Standard PCR laboratory tests to detect coronavirus are laborious, and results are often not available for several days. A Covid 19 rapid test, on the other hand, provides a preliminary result after just a few minutes. This means that a decision on how to proceed can be made directly at the point of care. Typically, these are rapid antigen tests that detect the virus directly using proteins. But rapid PCR tests are also already available on the market.

If you need Covid 19 rapid tests in larger quantities, we will be happy to help you: our range includes test kits from leading manufacturers, which we make available to you as wholesalers at favorable conditions. All products have undergone a precisely defined certification procedure and bear the CE seal. They are delivered to you in their original packaging and with detailed operating instructions. The products in our range are characterized by high sensitivity and specificity, making them very reliable. They are usually BfArM-listed and thus reimbursable under the statutory health insurance.

Wearing community masks safely through the Corona crisis

Wearing masks is as simple as it is effective in containing the spread of corona virus. Many experts, including the renowned Robert Koch Institute (RKI), recommend masks anywhere in public spaces where the required minimum distances cannot be safely maintained. In addition to medical mouth masks, washable, reusable cotton masks (so-called community masks) are also useful and appropriate for private individuals. These masks primarily serve to protect the environment; they cannot adequately protect the wearer himself or herself from infection.

The demand for community masks among the general population remains high. The products are readily and frequently purchased in retail stores or pharmacies. We will be happy to assist you in the procurement of larger quantities. Purchasing wholesale is not only more cost-effective for you, you also benefit from fair contract terms and can be sure to receive the quantities you need at the agreed time.

Questions or special requests? We'll be happy to advise you!

Do you have any questions about the product range, delivery terms or other conditions? Or do you need more detailed advice on specific products? We will be happy to take care of your request personally. Contact us by phone, email or WhatsApp - our staff will be happy to assist you in word and deed.

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