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As one of the leading suppliers in the field of personal protective equipment in Germany and Europe, we insist on the highest quality of our distributed products and the best possible customer service.

The initiators of Psa-Partner are a team of experienced professionals, which for several years has been composed of specialists in import, export, sales and online experts.

As a company based in Germany, due to our worldwide procurement network, we are able to provide you with any healthcare products without long delivery times to meet your needs at fair conditions.

Our partners are recognized production plants, manufacturers, importers, shipping and logistics companies and sales professionals who share with us their decades of experience to solve procurement problems and supply our customers from government agencies, medical institutions and industry.

We know your concerns and are familiar with your requirements. All products we distribute always meet the strictest quality requirements and are certified throughout.

Whatever the country or continent, we deliver worldwide on demand - seven days a week.

Do you have any questions in regards to out products?

Our team of 15 sales staff is set up in ten languages, so language barriers are a foreign word for us. Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with a personal contact person to accompany your customer request.

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