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Personal protective equipment such as protective gowns, disposable nitrile gloves and FFP2 masks are essential to protecting the health and safety of employees, patients or customers. Here at PSA-Partner, we specialise in offering a wide selection of personal protective equipment and hygiene products at attractive wholesale prices. We place great importance on the tested and certified quality of our products, as well as their long-term availability. We typically source disposable nitrile gloves, protective gowns and other medical and hygiene products directly from the manufacturer or from selected distributors. This allows us to offer you competitive prices and fast, reliable delivery – to any location worldwide! We can procure the following products for you:

Disposable nitrile gloves – the all-rounder for medical, care and industrial applications

Disposable gloves play an important role in protecting the health of patients and staff in medical facilities. Disposable nitrile gloves and other materials also serve as an important component of a company hygiene concept in the service professions and many industrial sectors, as well as in food processing and the restaurant industry. Disposable gloves are useful for several reasons: Firstly, they prevent germs from spreading and help break infection chains when worn together with other protective equipment such as FFP2 masks and protective gowns. Secondly, disposable gloves preserve personal health by protecting the skin from contact with chemicals, cleaning products and other hazardous substances.

Our product range features disposable gloves made ofnitrile, vinyl and latex material. Disposable nitrile gloves are one of the most popular products, as they combine a high comfort level with outstanding protective performance. Nitrile is extremely soft and skin-friendly, and does not provoke allergic reactions in most cases. The soft, stretchy material conforms to the individual shape of the hand, providing safety during tasks requiring fine motor control. In addition, disposable gloves made of nitrile are highly robust and resistant to tears and punctures, making them able to withstand high mechanical stress. Thanks to their resistance to oils and greases, disposable nitrile gloves are also suitable for working with food and various chemicals.

We source our disposable nitrile gloves directly from leading manufacturers, allowing us to guarantee long-term availability at competitive prices. You can depend on our products to fulfil all legal requirements for material quality, craftsmanship and labelling. Our disposable nitrile gloves are certified for use in medical and care facilities in accordance with DIN EN 455, meaning they are approved for use as a medical product. We also offerchemical-proof disposable nitrile gloves, certified in accordance with DIN EN 374, which are suitable for use in laboratories and industrial facilities. In addition, we can supply food-safe disposable nitrile gloves at all times for use in the restaurant industry and food-processing facilities.

Protective gowns as an effective barrier against pathogens

Disposable protective clothing contributes significantly to preventing infection in medical and care facilities. The online shop at PSA-Partner offers a wide selection of protective clothing for different purposes and requirements: disposable protective gowns resemble a coat with long sleeves, but are typically fastened at the back. This optimally protects the front of the body. Protective gowns are particularly important in scenarios where staff can expect to come into contact with blood or infectious bodily fluids. Sleeveless protective aprons are sufficient in many healthcare scenarios in which there is no increased risk of infection, such when washing patients. Meanwhile, overalls cover the body from head to toe, making them suitable for high-risk scenarios such as during a pandemic.

Disposable protective gloves, aprons and overalls are typically made of the tried-and-tested material polypropylene (PP), which is extremely durable and tear-proof as well as very lightweight. Protective gowns made of pure PP fabric are breathable, making them suitable for prolonged wear. In situations requiring increased protection against fluids, protective gowns with a PE (polyethylene) coating are the best choice. Our protective gowns, aprons and overalls are certified in accordance with the legal requirements of DIN EN 14126. They ensure adequate protection against germs – even when wet. This is one of the minimum requirements that protective gowns must fulfil for use as protective equipment in healthcare.

During the coronavirus crisis, there were shortages of protective gowns and FFP2 masks in many areas. Thanks to our international procurement network, we are able to guarantee continuous availability of our protective gowns despite increased demand!

FFP2 and FFP3 respiratory masks

Hazardous substances, fine dust and pathogens in the air are among the most common risks that employees face in the workplace. The law sets limit values beyond which suitable respiratory masks must be worn as personal protective equipment. FFP masks, also known as particle-filtering half masks, play an important role in providing this protection. They are widely used in industrial facilities, construction sites and workshops as well as in healthcare, and are divided into three protective classes: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.

Our product range includes FFP2 and FFP3 protective masks in tested quality, which have undergone a legally defined certification process in accordance with DIN EN 149 and bear the CE marking. FFP2 masks have a filtration efficiency of at least 94 percent, and provide adequate protection against many harmful airborne substances including cement dust and particles of concrete, paint or varnish. In addition, FFP2 masks filter pathogens such as viruses or bacteria from the inhaled air. In the healthcare sector, FFP2 masks are part of the standard equipment for working with infectious patients. With a filtration efficiency of 99 percent, FFP3 masks offer even greater protection than FFP2 masks and are suitable for high-risk scenarios such as working with asbestos, radioactive material or cytostatic drugs.

Our product range includes FFP2 and FFP3 masks with and without an exhalation valve. FFP2 masks with an exhalation valve offer increased comfort thanks to decreased resistance when exhaling, making them well-suited for prolonged wear. However, they only protect the wearer, as the exhaled air is not filtered. If the surroundings of the wearer require protection as well, FFP2 masks without an exhalation valve are necessary.

Surgical face masks and fabric masks as basic protection

In situations where there is not an increased risk of infection, the significantly more affordable surgical face masks are a suitable substitute for FFP2 masks. These primarily serve to protect the patients and are therefore classed as a medical product. Our shop offers disposable masks in Category II and IIR, which are tested and certified in accordance with DIN EN 14683 and have a guaranteed bacterial filtration efficiency of 98 percent.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, disposable medical masks are also widespread among the general population, as mouth and nose coverings are compulsory in many public spaces. One alternative to medical masks are fabric masks, which are washable and reusable. They too are sold in the online shop at PSA-Partner.

Disinfectants for comprehensive hygiene

Wherever large numbers of people gather in an enclosed space, pathogens such as coronavirus can spread with ease. To prevent transmission, regular application of hand sanitiser and surface disinfectant is advisable. We offer proven products for medical and healthcare facilities, service facilities, authorities, schools and all businesses where particular adherence to hygiene standards is required. The products are tested and certified by independent bodies, guaranteeing their safety and effectiveness. For the safe application of surface disinfectants, we nevertheless recommend using additional protective equipment such as disposable nitrile gloves or protective gowns. Our shop also offers disinfectant wipes and accessories, such as disinfectant dispensers.

Rapid COVID-19 tests for simple and safe testing

Testing, testing, testing – this is one of the strategies recommended by experts in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The rapid tests which have recently become available have significantly relieved the strain on doctors, healthcare facilities and care homes. We offer quick and user-friendly antigen and antibody tests. The products are CE-certified and are characterised by high sensitivity and accuracy. The tests are listed by the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, meaning they are reimbursable. We continuously expand our product range according to the latest technical developments in the medical field.

Face shields for a safe working environment

Transparent face shields protect the sensitive facial area against splinters, sparks and splashes of liquid, without restricting vision. They also protect against infection by acting as a barrier against saliva droplets. All of the products we sell are certified in accordance with DIN EN 166 and are therefore approved for use as personal eye protection according to the criteria of the European Union.

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