Disinfectant dispensers

  • Touchless Spender

    Touchless disinfectant dispenser

    Not only in medical facilities, but also in many areas of public life, it is advisable to provide disinfectants. Especially heavily frequented places such as hotels, […]

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  • Touchless Spender mit Spendersäule

    Touchless disinfectant dispenser with dispenser column

    During a pandemic or flu epidemic, it is advisable to provide hand disinfection dispensers in heavily frequented public places. This makes it easy to implement hygiene […]

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Disinfectant Dispensers for Any Application

Disinfectant dispensers are a practical tool when you need to make sure disinfectant hand sanitiser is always freely available. Our convenient dispensers can be used in medical settings, public facilities, sanitary facilities and even in retail settings. By installing a disinfectant dispenser, you are actively helping take preventive action to protect against infection. If you opt for a dispenser design that can be operated with the elbows or even hands free, this can help prevent the spread of germs and pathogens even further. In addition, our dispensers require little maintenance, are easy to use and always provide the right amount of disinfectant. Choose between wall-mounted or stand-alone models.

What kinds of disinfectant dispensers are available?

Disinfectant dispensers should be robust, air-tight and easy to refill. Depending on their location, you may do well to choose a lockable model. We stock dispensers that work with disposable bottles inserted into the unit as well as those that feature a refill container. Units compatible with disposable bottles are particularly hygienic and are preferred in medical settings. However, disposable bottles result in more waste than reusable refill containers.

It is important to choose the right disinfectant for the dispenser you choose and that the dispensing method is suitable to its area of application. In terms of material, you have the choice of plastic, stainless steel and aluminium models.

PSA-Partner – your professional supplier for personal protective equipment

As is the case with all our products, our disinfectant dispensers are certified as well. They come in their original packaging and are delivered with instructions for use. We offer high-quality products, many of which are made in Germany. PSA-Partner offers fast delivery times and fair, transparent pricing. Please note that minimum order quantities apply.

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