Face masks for children

Disposable Masks for Children: Effectively Stop the Chain of Infection

Even children can be infected with the novel coronavirus, often without developing any symptoms themselves. Many states in Germany are therefore requiring children aged six and over to wear masks in public spaces, including schools, shops and public transport. In addition to reusable cloth masks, disposable products made with non-woven material can also be used. The material used for these products is similar to the material used in surgical masks for adults, but with adjustments to the size and shape. This is important because most masks designed for adults are too large for children under 12, which means they cannot fulfil their intended purpose.

Masks for children: What criteria to look for

A face mask for children should cover their mouth, nose, chin and cheeks and fit as closely as possible at the edges. It should not impair breathing. While disposable masks made of non-woven polypropylene are effective at keeping most droplets and aerosols out, they are still breathable and most children tolerate them well. It’s important to use the straps to ensure a good fit. Most straps are designed to fit around the ears or the back of the head. Straps should never be so tight that they dig into the skin. As a rule, children should be able to remove the mask themselves. Please note: Disposable masks should be properly disposed of after use. Masks should be disposed of at the latest when they become moist from respiratory air because damp masks can retain pathogens.

Order protective masks for children and adults

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