Antigen tests

Antigent test to detect coronavirus

Diverse medical device companies provide antigen tests, a rapid test procedure for detecting COVID-19 infection. For determination, a nasopharyngeal swab is placed in a buffer solution, which is then analyzed using a test cassette. Analytical equipment and specialized laboratory personnel are not required for the antigen test.

How an antigen test works

Antigent tests are used for direct detection of coronavirus infection. The determination is made using characteristic surface proteins of the virus. Thus, this procedure varies from other testing procedures that detect genetic material or antibodies. Nasopharyngeal swabs are typically used to perform an antigen test. However, depending on the manufacturer and product, alternative swabs and samples are also taken, for example from the saliva of the person to be tested. The basic prerequisite for the reliability of the test result is a high-quality product that is characterized by high sensitivity (over 90 percent) and specificity (over 99 percent) in pathogen determination.

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